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Nashville Awnings Provide More Than Style

Awnings, an increasingly popular home improvement option, provide style, shade, curb appeal and an even greater benefit – reduced energy costs. An awning is used to shade windows from the sun’s heat and glare and can also shade outdoor living spaces. Our awnings are a roof-like shelter made of woven acrylic Sunbrella fabric, installed on a home’s exterior that are retractable .

Most types of window treatments will result in energy savings, but the exact savings will depend on the type of window treatment, the season, the climate, and how the window treatment is used. Options in window treatments include shades, blinds, draperies or curtains, shutters, and awnings.

Easy to operate and highly reliable motorized awnings give you the flexibility to keep your window awnings open or closed for the following reasons while maximize energy costs for your home.

How Awnings Saves On Energy Costs

  • Reduce heat during the summer time
  • Increase heat from the sun in the winter
  • Maximize natural light

Window Overhang Reduces Energy Produced By Sun reported window awnings can reduce heat produced by the sun in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows. Furthermore, a light-colored awning will reflect more sunlight. Retractable screens  help block the sun rays and create a cool and comfortable environment and later retract when not needed, so one doesn’t need to sacrifice their view.

Retractable Awnings Increase Heat In Winter

While fixed awnings can save energy during the warmer seasons by keeping your house cooler, they can also increase your cost during the winter if you can’t capture the heat from the sun. So, keep this in mind when deciding whether fixed awnings are right for you. With retractable awnings you can adjust your awnings depending on the season: keep awnings open or closed in the summer and rolled up in the winter. You can roll up adjustable or retractable awnings in the winter to let the sun warm the house. New hardware, such as lateral arms, make the rolling up process quite easy. Some awnings can also be motorized for easy operation.

Studies have found that awnings can provide significant savings on cooling costs in the summer and on peak electrical demand by reducing the heat gained through home windows. The study, Awnings in Residential Buildings: The Impact on Energy Use and Peak Demand, was conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota.

Retractable Screens Maximize Natural Light

Retractable screens are the best option to bring the indoor energy into the outdoors while having control of how much light enters your home. Different types of mesh can help determine how much brightness goes into your home. Retractable Screens and Awnings are designed to maximize the homes connection to the surrounding natural setting by using natural Half-down retractable screens for total home solutionslight and provide large open areas to enjoy.

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) funded the study to determine if awnings are a viable means of reducing heat and air conditioner usage in the home. Most U.S. residential neighborhoods do not have a significant number of awnings, unlike Europe, where awnings are used to significantly reduce air-conditioning use in the summer. The study investigated the energy savings for single family homes and the reduction of energy use during peak periods.

In the first phase of the study, awning impacts were measured in seven U.S. cities across various climates, including, Minneapolis, Boston, Seattle, Albuquerque, Phoenix, St. Louis and Sacramento. The study revealed that in all cities for all window orientations tested, there are significant energy savings in cooling costs and peak electricity demand as a result of using window awnings. The range of energy saved varies, depending on the number of windows, types of glass in the windows and window orientation. Phase two is due for release in the near future and will include additional cities.

Specifically, the study found that in Phoenix, Ariz., a warm climate, window awnings can reduce home cooling energy as much as 26 percent compared to a home with completely unshaded windows. In St. Louis, Mo., a mixed climate, awnings can reduce cooling energy as much as 23 percent. Similarly, in Boston, Mass., a cold climate, awnings can reduce the need for cooling energy as much as 33 percent.

“Depending on the region a home is in, awnings can save homeowners potentially several hundred dollars annually, but energy savings of this degree are valuable beyond reducing homeowner’s expenses,” said Michelle Sahlin, Managing Director of PAMA. “When numerous homeowners reduce their need for energy, there is less demand for energy at the times of peak usage, resulting in overall savings to utility companies and the public from a decreased need to supply generating capacity.”

Researchers used a specialized computer program to investigate variables in conjunction with a standard awning with sides. The variables included geographic location, window orientation and exposure, winter and summer usage, and window type. For more information about the study, contact Michelle Sahlin at

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